Letter from Chairperson of the Board

Dear Students, Staff and Families of KPR schools,


Over the past week we have been reminded, with shock, sadness and anger, that racism continues to exist in our society and structures. We know that issues of racism are systemic – they are not only found south of our border, but also across our country, the communities we live in, and in our own school board. 

These events affect our students, staff and community in many different ways. We recognize that racialized students and families in our board may be experiencing pain, fear, anger and disillusionment. We will work to help those who need support at this time, and will continue to hear the voices of our students, staff and families moving forward.

It is essential that we all do whatever it takes to end racism, hate and oppression of all kinds. As an educational community, it is incumbent upon us to identify racism and then work tirelessly to end it. Over the past few years, we have begun to systemically look at discrimination and how it manifests itself in our work, through unconscious bias, micro-aggressions, power and privilege. And, we know there is so much more to do.

We support the fundamental ideology that was first articulated by Angela Davis, a civil rights activist in the United States: “It is not enough to not be racist. We must be anti-racist.” Silence and inaction perpetuate and allow the existing injustices to continue.  We are committed to doing what is right.

We stand with racialized students and families of KPRDSB in your pain, grief, fear and sorrow. We will continue to do all that we can together to dismantle racism in our schools, system and society.




Diane Lloyd
Chairperson, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB


Jennifer Leclerc
Director of Education, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB